Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My SC08 Gig

I showed up a little early for my SC08 gig on Wed afternoon, as Woody Woodruff from IBM, who was playing before me, was listed as playing country music. And indeed he was - a selection of country and old bluegrass material. He kindly accepted my offer to sit in on a few when I knew the tune to help out with harmonies and some guitar solos, which was fun.

When my set rolled around, Woody hung on and played for a while with me, helping out with rhythm guitar and harmonies. I then finished up the set with some solo material. Glen was good enough to snap the picture at the top, thanks Glen!

I was followed up by a wonderful group playing classical. The music room made for a tremendously civil and relaxing addition to SC, and I went and talked to Vivian Benton,

the wonderful organizer of the room, about making it a permanent addition to SC. She said she was already there, and had requested that there be another music room at SC09, which will be in Portland.

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