Friday, December 5, 2008

The Grid is Dead: Follow-Up

I posted earlier about Arnie Mile's presentation at the Sun HPC Consortium meeting in Austin before SC08, this is the promised follow-up now that I have a copy of the slides.

Arnie's main point is that while the grid is dead, the need and associated issues remain. There is a still a need to share resources across administrative domains, and that raises a host of challenges (registration, discovery, security, etc). The current effort to build a one-size-fits-all solution (ie Globus) has worked for a handful of large government sites, but otherwise has been largely a failure, thanks to "nearly insurmountable scalability and complexity issues."

Enter Thebes, a consortium lead by Arnie and Georgetown aimed at addressing this situation, and will initially focus on authentication, authorization, and accounting. So far, they've published a first draft of a Resource Description Language (RDL), which is a single, harmonized language to describe jobs and resources. Slated for summer 2009 is a draft of a Resource Discovery Network (RDN), which is a robust, globally distributed peer to peer and hierarchical resource discovery network.

The consortium is actively seeking help, primarily in the form of developers, to continue their work.

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