Monday, November 17, 2008

SAM-QFS BoF Session: Great for Backup Too

Harriet Coverston, Sun Distinguished Engineer and architect of Sun's distributed SAN file system, led a Birds of a Feather session with users, Sun staff, and third party vendors on Sun Storage Archive Manager and QFS. It was interesting to hear from current users at Clemson, the Arctic Region Supercomputer Center, Mississippi State, and TACC, who are all putting these solutions to substantial use.

Clemson is using SAM-QFS not only for home directories and moving large data to their cluster (which runs Lustre internally), but also as a substantial addition to their backup environment. The SAM-QFS approach to creating copies of file as they come into the system position it to be much more scalable for very large storage. It also makes for much faster recoveries - in one test they were able to restore 9 million files in nine hours, when a test restore with their traditional backup system was still running at 24 hours. This is reminiscent of conversations we've had with the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, who are also using SAM-QFS as a add-on to traditional backup services.

The fact that numerous users we have talked to have come to utilize SAM-QFS to solve backup challenges in their environments speaks well to the software's data protection approach.

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