Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Grid is Dead

Glen and I had dinner with Arnie Miles, Senior Systems Architect, Advanced Research Computing Adjunct, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown. Arnie is working on next-generation middleware called Thebes, a collaborative effort supported by Sun to create a secure attribute-based infrastructure for distributed computational environments. Arnie is looking for development assistance on the project, and was interested to find that Glen is a Torque developer, and could potentially help with APIs to that scheduler. Glen noted that it might be a good opportunity for a collaboration with the Computer Science department at UMaine. Arnie was pretty emphatic that the term "grid" is dead, and is looking for a replacement - my suggestions were "condiment" or maybe "fascia". Arnie offered to come to JAX to present on this work, and talk about collaborating with us.


Michael said...

I remember Arnie from last year's HPC conference -- thought he was one of the best presenters there.

sister Laura said...

If "grid" refers to something that houses, connects, relates, and suspends everything w/in the system as a whole; stretches, rebounds, unites some things and differentiates others, gets stiff when ignored or not moved, stiffens to splint injuries... if they do all that, then fascia'd be a good new word.