Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Started in Austin

Travel yesterday was uneventful if a little long (11 hours) considering the distance. It's always interesting to look at technology in the hands of the public on these trips. The last couple of years Treos and Blackberries were the phones to have, it's amazing this time how many iPhones I saw, and not just with business travelers, but airport/restaurant/hotel staff as well.

I had an interesting conversation with my seat mate from Boston to Houston, a 19-year old Guatemalen who, less than an hour before the flight departed, decided to buy a ticket and go back home for his girlfriend's birthday. He was toting a first-gen iPhone and a MacBook, and used both heavily - he was calling, IM'ing and email friends and family, and working on homework. He's been using computers since he was 10, he and his roommates have a completely wired apartment, and they spend most of their time on the Net instead of on the tube. Interestingly, he is ditching the iPhone for a BlackBerry because a friend convinced him they are better for email and texting, which is what he uses it for most.

The Austin Airport Hilton (pictured above) is nice, network performance is decent. I just got signed in for the conference, and had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for the entire event. I was talking with a Sun employee at breakfast this morning who is also blogging this, and we were talking about how the NDA makes it difficult to say much in a blog. I'll do my best to pass along info while honoring the NDA.

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