Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clemson has Good Experience with Sun Cluster Install

James Leylek, PhD, Exec Director of the Clemson Computer Center for Mobility Systems (CU-CCMS) spoke yesterday at the Sun HPC Consortium Conference about their experiences installing and testing a SunBlade 6000 cluster. The system has 3,440 processing cores: 31 SunBlade 6000 chassis, 10 blades/chassis, with two Intel quad core CPUs and 32 GBs of memory per blade. They wanted to do stringent acceptance testing on the cluster - install the system and then run it at full peak for 72 hours straight. They were told it couldn't be done. The installation included putting together the entire compute grid (19 miles of cabling) in three days. The testing began with individual blades, then chassis, then portions of the cluster, and finally the entire cluster. The tests ran successfully over 130 hours and the entire project was completed in 16 days.

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